Kaweka 1080 Operation Delayed

31 August 2016

Kaweka 1080 Operation Delayed

Game Animal Council Chairman, Don Hammond, has welcomed a decision from OSPRI to delay the aerial 1080 drop planned for the Kawekas this winter.  Hammond said “the Game Animal Council is supportive of the goal of eradicating bovine TB from NZ. However, possum management can have adverse effects and so hunters and other groups need to be adequately consulted about planned operations to identify adverse effects and potential mitigation. Delays in funding commitments to OSPRI meant a very compressed consultation period that did not fully allow people to have their say. The Game Animal Council has worked with OSPRI to clarify their consultation obligations for aerial 1080 operations.  Delaying the Kaweka operation to ensure affected parties can be heard and their views considered is a very positive move by OSPRI and they should be applauded for making what is a difficult call”.

He went on to say “aerial 1080 is always going to create discussion and opposition, but its use is inevitable in the short-term as one of the range of tools used to achieve the higher-level goal of TB eradication.  What is really needed is all affected parties to work together to identify the effects of these operations and to design them to avoid or reduce their adverse impacts”.

Department of Conservation, who are responsible for the management of the Kaweka ranges are an important part of the decision making process and they have worked hard to ensure a sensible outcome has been achieved said Hammond.

The GAC looks forward to working with both DOC and OSPRI as future operations are planned so that every operation is based on the best science and information available and that all affected parties have adequate opportunity to inform the process.

Don Hammond
New Zealand Game Animal Council
0274 885940