Game Animal Council calls on all hunters to kill illegally released Sika deer

27 October 2017


Media Release

Game Animal Council calls on all hunters to kill illegally released Sika deer

“The Game Animal Council condemns the illegal release of Sika Deer in Taranaki. This is a mindless act perpetrated by protesters opposed to the use of 1080 poison. Whilst there have been issues surrounding the use of 1080 in our environment this is not the way to deal with them” said Don Hammond Chairman of the Game Animal Council. “I have contacted the Department of Conservation and offered any assistance the Council and the hunting community can provide to both destroy the deer that have been released and also identify those responsible.”

Game Animal Council works constructively with agencies including the Department of Conservation, and OSPRI to find solutions to the effects of 1080 poison on game animal populations. The use of deer repellent on 1080 poison baits is an example of such solutions.

The Game Animal Council has been intimately involved on the Battle for our Birds Program to protect our vulnerable native bird species and hunters fund and carry out extensive predator trapping that protects species such as Whio (Blue Duck). The hunting community plays a key role in the conservation of indigenous species in general.

“I have contacted the Central North Island Sika Foundation which has an extensive network of Sika Hunters and asked them contact all their members, request that they kill any of the released Sika deer they encounter and provide any assistance to the Police and the Department of Conservation to identify the people that released the deer. We ask the whole hunting community to do the same.” said Don Hammond

The Game Animal Council is a statutory organisation created by the Game Animal Council Act 2013. It mission is:

The Sustainable management of game animals and hunting for recreation, commerce and conservation. Game Animals are deer, tahr, chamois and wild pigs.

The Central North Island Sika Foundation is an incorporated society committed to sound Sika deer management.