Battle for our Birds Deer repellent maps

Members of the Game Animal Council and NZ Deerstalkers Association worked closely with DOC to secure the use of deer repellent to help protect some of our most vulnerable deer herds during the upcoming Battle for our Birds operations.

At short notice an online survey was developed and over 350 responses were collected in a 10 day period. This information helped inform discussions and set priorities. Some specific areas have been identified for mitigation.

The specific areas where deer repellent will be applied are identified in the maps below. They are the Dart Valley (Whitetail deer), Caples Valley, Blue Mountains, and Cobb Valley (all Fallow deer).

This is a significant advance over 2014 and has come at some cost to DOC, who have been criticised by other stakeholders for spending money to protect deer.

This is a significant tangible benefit for hunters of having a Game Animal Council. It also shows what can be achieved when interested parties work together. 

DOC press releases are viewable here:

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