Aerial possum control – Stormy Ridge, Karamea Bluffs & Kahurangi West

Barry Polson of Vector Free has advised that Vector Free Marlborough Limited has been contracted by TBfree New Zealand to carry out the Stormy Ridge, Karamea Bluffs and Kahurangi West aerial possum control operations using sodium fluoroacetate (1080) cereal pellets. The Stormy Ridge and Karamea Bluffs aerials form part of OSPRI's TBfree programme whilst the Kahurangi West aerial operation is part of the Department of Conservation's Battle for our Birds programme.

The treatment area covers approximately 70,865 hectares of land located in the Karamea area. It spans from the township of Hector heading north along the Radcliff Ridge all the way up to the Kahurangi Point. Refer to enclosed map.
We wish to advise that these operations are due to take place as soon as practicable from 10th August 2017 onwards, dependent on weather.

We will first apply non-toxic pre-feed to increase the effectiveness of the operation. This will be followed by toxic 1080 baits (green in colour) usually after 7 - 10 days. Warning signs will be erected at all points of public access and will remain in place while toxic baits are present and/or poisoned possum carcasses may be present. All instructions on the signs should be carefully followed.

Here is a link to the key factsheet which outlines information about the operations, the toxin being used and precautions that should be taken. Also here is the link to the Kahurangi West aerial factsheet which provides information about DOC’s Battle for our Birds programme. Here is a link to the map of the areas being targeted.

Vector Free Marlborough Limited has been visiting affected landowners and neighbouring landowners over the past 3 months in order to explain the operation and gather information on matters such as water supplies, fencing and grazing areas. If anyone has any questions or needs more information, contact Barry Polson on the Vector free phone 0508 548008 or email