Aerial 1080 operation East and West Branches of the Matukituki Valley

Aerial 1080 operation in the East and West Branches of the Matukituki valley within Mt Aspiring National Park will start after tomorrow, on Friday 27th October 2017

Therefore, from Friday 27th October 2017 an aerial contractor will be aerially sowing the toxic bait within the East and West Branches of the Matukituki valley. 

Some important information about the toxic operation:

The baits are cylindrical cereal pellets, cinnamon lured and dyed green to deter birds. They weigh about 6 grams.  The pellets are deployed at 1.5kg / ha. The pesticide being used is poisonous to humans and domestic animals. Dogs are highly susceptible to 1080. Poisoning can occur through eating baits or poisoned animals (including carcasses).

  • DO NOT touch bait
  • WATCH CHILDREN at all times
  • DO NOT EAT animals from these areas or from within a 2km “buffer” zone
  • WAIT FOR 7 DAYS after a 1080 operation before consuming trout
  • Poison baits or carcasses are DEADLY TO DOGS. Dogs are not permitted in Mt Aspiring National Park.
  • A helicopter will distribute the toxic pellets according to predetermined flight paths controlled by GPS.
  • All tracks in the East and West Branch of the Matukituki valley will be temporary restricted while the helicopters are operating on Friday 27th October 2017 for up to 24 hours during the toxic drop.  Immediately after the drop the tracks will be inspected by DOC staff and cleared of pellets. It is strongly recommended that people do not enter the treatment area until the tracks are cleared. 
  • DOC advise in the event of  weather issues the operations could continue into Saturday 28th October 2017.  If this occurs some track closures will continue for this extra day.

If you have any questions, please contact: Paul Hondelink, Senior Ranger Biodiversity, 03 443 7660 from the Tititea / Mount Aspiring National Park Visitor Centre, Department of Conservation (PO Box 93, Wanaka, 9343).